Nancy Zoller Pottery

Nancy Zoller Pottery is fine hand-crafted stoneware, capturing the depth and beauty that only a long gas reduction firing can achieve. “Each piece is created solely by me.” Wheel-throwing and hand building are part of my Ceramic practice, usually combining these two techniques. Surface texture is also essential in my body of work incorporating leaves, shells, various textures that emulate nature’s perfect footprint. Slip trailing, carving and the use of my signature “raised leaf” bisque molds are all a part of my body of work. Find my glazes to reflect the colors in the deep blue Colorado lake,the grays and purples of the mountains, rocks, and the light blue sky. My orang Shino glaze reminds me of the earth, take a look on the gallery pages. Read an article froma recent Ceramics Monthly “Studio Visit Nancy Zoller” (11/2012) to learn more about my life as it relates to my work as a Professional Potter and a Teacher of clay.

  • Tea Set
  • Three Dragonfly Mugs
  • Square Raised Leaf PlatterNancy Zoller Pottery
  • Paddled Weed PotsNancy Zoller Pottery
  • Maple Leaf DinnerwareNancy Zoller Pottery
  • Covered BowlNancy Zoller Pottery
  • Ancient Style JugNancy Zoller Pottery
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“The primary reward for me in creating a piece of pottery is the realization that this piece will be integrated into someone’s daily life experience: a quiet, private reflection, or a time of interaction with family and friends while sharing a cup of coffee, glass of wine, a simple daily meal or a special occasion!”

bringing warmth and balance into the lives of others

A bit of sharing about firing pottery at Zoller Pottery:

Nancy Zoller Pottery

Nancy Zoller of Nancy Zoller Pottery

Firing is the process of bringing clay and glazes up to a high temperature, transforming clay from its humble, soft beginnings into a new substance, ceramic. Ceramics are tough, strong, and very similar in many ways to stone. Pieces of pottery have survived for thousands of year, all due to clay that met fire!

There are several distinct atmospheres that can be used in firing a kiln…Oxidation, Neutral Atmosphere, and Reduction.

The method I use is Reduction, firing my wares in an 18 cu. Ft Downdraft Kiln designed by a wonderful kiln designer, Paul Geil. Reduction refers to a kiln atmosphere which does not have enough oxygen in it to completely consume the fuel as it burns. Due to this deficiency, the flame pulls oxygen molecules out of the clay bodies and glazes, changing their character. There are clay bodies that are specifically designed to be fired in a reduction atmosphere boasting a warm earthy character and depth of color only found in reduction.

The gas firing process has always been a source of fascination to me. Once the kiln is carefully loaded the actual firing process is very slow…bringing the kiln heat up slowly to the proper temperature to bring the clay and glazes to maturity, then slowly cooled again. My firing maturation temperature is 2365 degrees, taking the kiln 10-12 hours to reach this temperature.  Now that you have learned the process, take some time and visit my website Nancy Zoller Pottery.