Artist Statement

Artist Statement

This most recent body of clay work I have titled “ Pieces, Parts, and Wholes”, allowing myself a chance to wander through personal thoughts about what constitutes a piece of one thing as it relates to other parts finally making up a WHOLE.

This pottery is a combination of wheel throwing and hand building with an emphasis on surface texture and glaze colors as they are transformed by the lengthy gas firing kiln process.

What happens when you combine two of the same pieces, taking two halves and forming a whole?  Let’s add pieces; a neck, foot,and handles.  Similar to the human body, each piece is interdependent with the other.

My husband, Bill, and I spend much of our spare time exploring the richness of nature and recording it in photographs.  Notice how the pottery vessel surfaces represent the world of nature. In sharing our photos, it is evident that parallels can be drawn between natural objects: rocks, flowers, moss, water, mountains, leaves, and the land. Just as pots physically record and capture their firing process, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks speak of their own history.

The beautiful pottery photos are done by my fabulous photographer, Jafe Parsons! Thanks!

What is it that really makes a Whole?  What are the Parts and Pieces of life that make you feel WHOLE?

Enjoy the Pottery and the Pics!

Nancy and Bill Zoller