Attended the Steven Hill Workshop

IMG_0133Steven with pitcherOn August 4 I braved the freeway traffic from Loveland to Denver to attend the Steven Hill clay workshop @ the Plinth Gallery, hosted by the owner Jonathan Kaplin.

The first event was the Gallery Opening featuring Stephen’s work (amazing) which features his “once fired” vessels with sprayed glazes and fired in an electric kiln.

Having been a stoneware, gas fired potter for the last 40 years, learning this method was intriguing……

Two days of workshop viewing Steven create large pitchers, bowls, mugs…sloshing on slip, tap centering….telling us all day, “make more pots.”

The second day was completing pots made on Saturday and THEN watching him spray his glazes!!!!

Attending a workshop of this type reinforces much of what I believe about my life as a potter….it just is who I am…there is no question that perusing this lifestyle speaks to my core, now and in the future.

Two quotes from his notes:

“God is in the details”

The power of the story is in the details”

IMG_0134 IMG_0138 IMG_0133

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