Dinnerware and Tableware by Nancy Zoller Pottery These are my newest dinnerware offerings, inspired by my Hand Built Dinnerware technique. #701 HB Dinnerware Glaze: Dark Blue Red with texture #704 Land and Sea Dinnerware Glaze: Seafoam/Rutile Blue w/leaf #703 HB … Continue reading

Vases by Nancy Zoller Pottery Vases are my favorite “vessel” to create.  See which one speaks to you…enjoy! #501 HB Maple Leaf Vase Glaze: Celadon with Red #502 HB Vase Glaze:Seafoam-Celadon Brushed Leaf #503 HB Maple Leaf Vase Glaze: Celadon … Continue reading

Welcome to my Blog

Nancy Zoller

Welcome to my Blog!  Sharing this newly remodeled site with my customers and fellow Pottery colleagues is a welcome addition to my communication process. After almost 40 years of making Pottery I find myself in a mode of “exploration” these … Continue reading

Tableware and Dinnerware by Nancy Zoller Pottery Blah, blah, blah (one or two paragraph intro) Blah blah, blah… blah blah blah blah blah blah Even more blah Additional information down here in text. … Continue reading

Lidded Jars by Nancy Zoller Pottery #J603 Cream and Sugar Set #J601-Covered Jar Glaze: Celadon/Tan w/brushed leaf #J602-Faceted Covered Jar Glaze: Dk. Blue/Tan w/brushed leaf #J604-Small Ginger Jar Glaze: Seafoam/Dk Blue … Continue reading

 Pouring Vessels by Nancy Zoller Pottery #1 Faceted Teapot w/cream and sugar. Glaze: Dk. Blue/Tan #309 Teapot -tri-color Glaze: Seafoam #310 Teaset: Tea Pot, four teacups on tray. Glaze: Celadon #312 Celadon Pitcher Glaze: Celadon #314 Land and Sea Pitcher with … Continue reading

Serving Pieces by Nancy Zoller Pottery #BP412 Boat Platter Left: Red/Purple Right: Rutile Blue/Yellow #413 Large Platter Glaze: Dk. Blue #414 Three Olive Dishes Glaze: Celadon, Tan/Temoku, Rutile Blue/Seafoam/Red #415 Med Serving Bowl glaze:Tri-color Seafoam #RMLP 416 Maple Leaf Platter … Continue reading

Drinking Vessels by Nancy Zoller Pottery Enjoy these most recent Drinking Vessel offerings!  Making mugs and tumblers is my favorite thing. Each vessel has a different in character, whether thrown on the wheel or hand built. #M330 Faceted Round Mug … Continue reading