Nancy Zoller Biography

Biography of Nancy Zoller

I have been a potter residing in Loveland, Colorado since 1981. Graduating from Arizona State University in 1975 with a BA in Art Education, my emphasis was ceramics. Knowing this would be my life’s work, I soon built my first downdraft gas kiln.

Nancy Zoller Pottery

Nancy Zoller

Today, working with a porcelain or white stoneware clay body, I create durable high-fired pottery, through a combination of wheel throwing and hand building techniques. Often the impression of a leaf, pine branch, pinecone or seashell works its way into the clay surface. I believe the delicate foot on a piece is just as important as the sturdy rim. 

Look closely. My color choices reflect the mountains, lake waters, and trees of our exquisite Colorado landscape. The primary reward for me in creating a piece of pottery is the realization that my work will be integrated into someone’s daily life experience; a quiet, private reflection, or interaction with family and friends while sharing special moments.

Teaching clay has been an integral part of my life as a ceramic artist, conducting weekly classes and workshops that create a sense of “shared experience” within the group.

Bringing warmth and balance into the lives of others…..this is my passion