Pouring Vessels by Nancy Zoller Pottery

Teapots by Nancy Zoller Pottery

Faceted Teapot

#1 Faceted Teapot w/cream and sugar.
Glaze: Dk. Blue/Tan

Teapot  by Nancy Zoller or Tea Pots

Tea Pot

#309 Teapot -tri-color Glaze: Seafoam

Nancy Zoller Tea Set Pottery

Celadon Tea Set

#310 Teaset: Tea Pot, four teacups on tray.
Glaze: Celadon

Pottery Pitcher Nancy Zoller

Celadon Pitcher

#312 Celadon Pitcher Glaze: Celadon

Pitcher with Cream and Sugar by Nancy Zoller

Pitcher Cream and Sugar

#314 Land and Sea Pitcher with Cream and sugar

Teapot by Nancy Zoller Pottery

Land and Sea Teapot

#318 Land and Sea Teapot

#319 Pitcher


#319 Pitcher
Glaze: Dk. Blue Celadon/Tan

Shino Large Pitcher

Shino Large Pitcher

#320 Shino Large Pitcher
Glaze: Malcolm Davis Shino

#321 Basketweave T-pot

Basketweave Teapot

#321 Basketweave Teapot
Glaze: Dk. Blue Celadon/Seafoam Green

Celadon Teapot

Celadon Teapot

#322 Celadon Teapot w/ Read Leaf
Glaze: Celadon/Red

Tea Set with Tray

Tea Set with Tray

#323 Tea Set w/Tray
Glaze: Seafoam/Celadon Red Leaf

Teapot Creamer Sugar Jar Bl/Tan #101

Teapot Creamer Sugar Jar

#324 Tea Set w/Tray
Glaze: Dk. Blue / Tan w Red

Tea Set w/ Tray

Tea Set w Tray

#323 Tea Set w Tray
Glaze: Dk Blue /Tan

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