Soda Fire Workshop with Neil Celani at the Clay Center of Northern CO in Greeley Summer Inspiration for Nancy and friends

On June 21-23 I traveled from Loveland to Greeley (easy 30 min) to attend my first workshop in quite some time!  It was wonderful to spend this time getting “out of my box”, learning the details of firing Neil’s fabulous hard brick soda kiln.  Neil built this kiln by the way.

There were about 8 participants in this workshop from the Colorado area.  Pots were glazed and loaded into the kiln on Friday evening.  Neil began the firing….All day Saturday we watched Neil work on the wheel…talk about his particular methods, tools and philosophies of clay life.

On Sunday, Neil trimmed work thrown on Saturday.  We had a pot-luck while waiting for the cone 10 to bend (after about 40 hours of fire) so we could participate in introducing soda (and wood) to the kiln.  Pics are attached…big beautiful fire. It was amazing! Pot luck was fun as well, enjoying good company and food.

Wednesday we traveled back to the Clay Center to see the kiln full of beautiful soda fired pots…very exciting for all of us.

This process is something I would like to explore more fully in the future for sure. Look for changes in my work from the demonstrations…new handle and spout design on pitchers..

Hard brick Soda kiln built by Neil Celani

Nancy Standing by Neil’s Soda Kiln

Neil Celani with Soda Kiln Northern Col. Clay Center

Soda kiln reaching final temps of cone 10

Neil's Soda Kiln with Large flame after Soda and Wood added

Large flame after introducing Soda and Wood

Soda fired kiln completed

Finished Pottery on Wednesday!

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