Zoller Pottery busy making Light Sconces

four sconces

The last few months at Zoller Pottery have been filled with a very large order from our Loveland Colorado Housing Authority…making 100 light sconces for their Senior Living Complex here in town: Mirasol.

Besides being a wonderful source of “regular” income for me, finding a new clay body for these pieces, engineering a new process in the studio has turned out to be very refreshing for me.

The sconces are formed over a large piece of PVC pipe on the day of construction.  On the second day, while leather hard I carve the design on each piece.

Carving day is something relaxing I look forward to…usually carving 3-4 sconces eaeach day.

They are bisque fired and then glazed with my Malcom Davis Shino glaze.

Once this order is complete I plan to make them to sell in my current galleries.adding something different to my body of work.

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