Nancy Zoller Workshop Offering “Making Your Mark With Molds”

Nancy Zoller Workshop(1)

Come join me at the Westminster City Park Pottery Studio on September 14 from 1:00-400  and September 28 from 1:00-4:00  to experience making your own bisque mold, created with your  personal “marks.”  I will demonstrate the technique, tools, clay, glazes used to create my molds.  This process is endless and very satisfying for a novice clay student or an experienced long time clay artist.

Flyer is attached:  for more information call Sally Nehr at the pottery studio-303-658-2910

Nanzy Zoller

Making an Impression

#501 HB Maple Leaf Vase small/Glaze Celadon with Red by Nancy Zoller Pottery

Maple Leaf Vase

Pottery Dinnerware by Nancy Zoller


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